Royal Visit for The Whitgift Foundation

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Royal Visit from HRH Her Majesty the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh officially celebrated a historic 450 years anniversary for The Whitgift Foundation. The foundation was formed by Sir John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury for Elizabeth I. The visit included eight sites visited throughout the day, and full protocol training was given by TSEC to groups prior to the visit.  Organization included extensive crowd control and security, liaising the local police and Crown Royal Protection Service. Menus were presented to the palace for selection, and each stop was dressed with a retiring room for the Royal Party and a safe exit route. A large security detail and crowd control was necessary to manage the logistics for an estimated 30,000 public who took to the streets of London to catch a glimpse of the Royals.  The program was followed by the management of the first public performance on the stage of the new Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.