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Academic Event Planning With An Event Strategist and Event Planner

It is often said that two heads are better than one. This is especially true in the events industry, where the roles of an event strategist and event planner can make the perfect team. An event strategist is focused on realizing the full business potential of an event, while an event planner is focused on executing an event plan successfully. When the two come together, their different strengths and objectives combine to create an efficient and effective event. This blog post will explore how an event strategist and an event planner work together to create the perfect team.

What is an Event Strategist?

An event strategist is a professional who specializes in event planning, management, and implementation. They are responsible for understanding an event’s key objectives and goals and formulating an action plan to maximize its success. In addition, they work with both clients and event planners to ensure that all aspects of the event – from concept to execution – are carried out effectively.

The strategist evaluates data, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of an event, and develops creative strategies for achieving desired results. They analyze the current situation and develop strategies for reaching organizational goals. They also determine cost savings and make recommendations that increase efficiency.

Event strategists often have a background in marketing, sales, or business. Still, their main focus is to use their strategic experience to ensure that an event reaches its potential. They possess various skills such as problem-solving, organization, attention to detail, communication, and collaboration. With these skills, they develop an event plan that considers all stakeholders’ interests and ensures it will succeed.

Event Strategist and Event Planner: Working Together

The event strategist and planner are powerful, complementing each other’s skills and experience. At a high level, the event strategist ensures that the event meets its business objectives, while the event planner ensures the event runs smoothly.

The event strategist will first identify the event’s objectives, plan and strategize how the event should be executed, and work with the event planner to determine the best ways to achieve those goals. Next, they will research the target audience, understand their preferences and motivations, and use this knowledge to create an effective event plan. The strategist will also assess potential risks, help develop marketing plans and budgets, and evaluate the event’s success after it has occurred.

The event planner is then responsible for executing the plan created by the strategist. They will select and manage vendors, negotiate contracts, coordinate logistics, produce materials, manage ticketing and registrations, and manage all day-of operations.

These two roles must work together to ensure the success of the event. By relying on the strategist’s insight into the target audience’s needs and the planner’s attention to detail in execution, an event can be both effective and efficient.

Event Strategist and Event Planner Skill Set

Event Strategist: An event strategist has excellent communication, organizational, and planning skills. Being creative with strong problem-solving abilities is part of their DNA. They have an in-depth knowledge of their target audience and make strategic decisions based on this. They also thoroughly understand current trends in the event industry and quickly identify potential opportunities and risks.

Event Planner: An event planner has exceptional project management skills and is highly organized. With a strong eye for detail and they spot potential issues before they arise. They possess excellent customer service skills and often deal directly with clients. Event planners are willing to work long hours to execute a successful event. Finally, they have a good understanding of budgeting and managing resources effectively.

Planning & Executing a Successful Event is Possible

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