Our Process


The most successful events begin with a solid strategy. Understanding not only the purpose of the event but also the overall ambitions of your organization will help us work together to create specific event goals and define measures of success. This early part of the process is extremely important because it is where we will clarify items that will ultimately drive every design decision.

Together, you will work with your TSEC team to discuss communications strategy, budget, current event trends, and event design goals. These conversations are all too often rushed or completely skipped by many event companies, but we consider this a critical step to ensure your event delivers exactly what you intend.


The design phase of our process will translate the event strategy into an experience that aligns with your organization and brand. Your assigned team from The Special Event Company will present you with concepts to further your message while creatively engaging your attendees.

Should we have an appearance from Elvis? A Texas Longhorn? A sequins-clad stilt-walking flapper? A person costumed as a zebra-skin rug? (We’ve done all of these – see the gallery.) But more importantly, does it make SENSE to include these things? Trust that when you see your design proposal, you will see thoughtful consideration and creative ideas. Whether it’s a conference for cardiologists, virtual continuing education course, or a gala for gamers, your event will be one of a kind.

The Special Event Company also prides itself as being a leader in risk management. Every event we produce will include a plan to ensure the safety and security of your guests as well as contingency plans for a variety of circumstances.


Our team will be on location in advance or in our virtual event control room to ensure smooth setup in preparation for the start of the event. You will receive a production schedule so you are aware of how teams will be managed and what is happening when.

We conduct pre-conference meetings with the venue and its main points of contact to ensure not only contractual compliance and service expectations but also the overall safety, security and well-being of all people and things. Rehearsals are conducted for both live and virtual events, show flows and presentations are confirmed, and all items are put in place for the welcoming of attendees.

Our communication throughout the event will be constant to you, your team, and the stakeholders you request. We will continue to maintain the trust you’ve instilled in us and execute your event at the highest level.


The big day (or days) have come and gone. The phase after the execution of the event will concentrate on evaluation. It can be tempting to move on to the next project, but The Special Event Company believes that the post-event evaluation is a critical component in this process, so this debrief is scheduled with you prior to the event.

During this session, your team will discuss some major factors such as the event strategy alignment, design, response/change from attendees, budget, and lessons learned.

Together, we will not only discuss these items but also speak to the location and venue or virtual event platform, event footprint, what did and didn’t work, as well as provide suggestions for future events. Finally, we will celebrate the event’s success and thank you for selecting us as your trusted event partner.