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Plan Incentive Events That Wow

Designing incentive events that show appreciation for a fantastic job is a great way to encourage and reward your top performers. An incentive program that drives growth is more than just a fabulous vacation; it’s about motivation and engagement. We design travel programs that inspire a lasting emotional connection that moves your people to continue being top performers and advocates for your brand.

Incentive Trips With The Special Event Company

Over 30 Years of Experience

We have delivered extraordinary incentive trips for clients in some of the world’s most incredible destinations for over 30 years.

Incentive Event Planning

Custom experiences require a clear understanding of the host company’s goals and defined ROI delivered with proven expertise for creating memorable experiences. Through extensive research of enticing locations, unusual venues, outstanding entertainment, and engaging activities, we provide bespoke programs that excite even the most seasoned traveller.

An incentive travel program supports marketing and sales by:

  • Rewarding top performers
  • Recognizing achievement
  • Motivating the team
  • Increasing sales
  • Improving loyalty from customers or staff

What is an Incentive Event?

An incentive event or program is a great way to ignite organizational transformation. In general, an incentive event is an exclusive trip, excursion, or event designed to inspire and incentivize employees to go above and beyond. Incentive travel programs can also ignite creativity within your staff which then will help transform your organization. 

Incentive Events Are Fun

Meaningful incentive events inspire employees to strive for their best, so take advantage of the fun. Otherwise, it will feel like a regular corporate event, not an exclusive outing for your all-star performers. In addition, including the fun factor when planning any meetings, training, or seminars will go a long way in boosting morale. Even better, when done well, an incentive trip will inspire your team to learn from each other.

Igniting Change:

“Properly designed and executed incentive travel programs, on average, can increase sales productivity by 18% and produce an ROI of 112%.”

– The Incentive Research Foundation

Incentive Events with The Special Event Company

Worldwide Incentive Travel Programs

The Special Event Company has designed and executed events for groups from ten to tens of thousands of attendees worldwide.

Incentive Events Give Employees Something to Strive For.

Let us show how our tried-and-true operation and passionate team of professionals deliver incentive programs that motivate and engage your employees.

Tracy Adams Executive Event Producer

Executive Producer

Tracy Adams