Event Design

The Design + Production Phase

Intentional design achieves goals and drives attendance.

The design phase of the event planning process will translate the event strategy into a live or virtual experience that aligns with your organization and brand.

As an experiential event agency, this is where we shine! We see event design as far more than just the aesthetic of the event. When you hire us, you’re hiring a team of award-winning event industry professionals that collaborate to produce unique and creative experiences. Our team carries a fundamental understanding of not only events but also the role they play in the overall marketing and communications strategy of the company.

Event Design and Production
Event Concept Development

Collaboration + Concept Development

The theme and concept of the event are developed in this phase.

Your assigned team from The Special Event Company will collaborate with you on the event vision, then present you with innovative concepts to further your message while thoughtfully engaging your attendees.

From selecting the perfect event location and venue to determining a theme and selecting the color pallet to designing each space, the stage set and lighting…we think outside the box!


We Develop a Theme That Resonates

To ensure your event is a resounding success that achieves its intended purpose, it is critical to consider several important factors.

How should the stage set and design be portrayed? Should we have the organization’s four pillars on LED screens throughout the general session to keep them front and center and highlight their importance to the audience? Or how about dressing speakers in flight suites with an airplane hanger photo shown on a giant LED screen, creating a “flight school” scene to go along with the event theme?

How can we play off the theme to surprise and delight the attendees? Should we have a Cameo appearance from a Tom Cruise lookalike with a virtual message specific to your audience? Or, what about a Texas Longhorn photo-op, a sequins-clad stilt-walking flapper….or even a person costumed as a zebra-skin rug? (We’ve done all of these – see the gallery.) But more importantly, does it make SENSE to include these things?

Event Implementation Phase

Trust that when you see your design proposal, you will see thoughtful consideration of the event strategy and creative ideas. Whether it’s a conference for cardiologists, a virtual continuing education course or a gala for gamers, your event will be one of a kind.

Hunter Gray

Vice President, The Special Event Company

The Benefits Of The Design + Production Phase

The benefits of the design and production phase include the following:

Ensuring a successful outcome: Careful planning and execution during this phase ensure the event runs smoothly and achieves its goals.

Maximizing ROI: A well-planned event can increase revenue, improve customer loyalty, and better brand recognition.

Enhancing the attendee experience: A carefully planned event that meets the needs and preferences of attendees can create a positive impression and foster engagement.

Building relationships: Events provide an opportunity to connect with customers, partners, and stakeholders, which can lead to strengthened relationships and future business opportunities.

Improving organizational efficiency: The design and production phase requires coordination and communication between different departments and stakeholders, which can enhance organizational efficiency and collaboration.

Planning And Executing a Successful Corporate Event Is No Simple Task

With our tried and true operation led by a passionate team of professionals, we provide a seamless experience for our clients.