Our Planning Process

Event Strategy Meeting

The Strategic Planning Phase

Strategic planning is crucial for the success of any corporate, academic, or virtual event and video production. By thoroughly understanding the event’s purpose and your organization’s objectives, The Special Event Company collaborates with you to establish clear goals and success metrics.

This essential step drives all design decisions, encompassing communication strategy, budget, emerging trends, and design goals. With our expertise, experience, and dedicated team, we ensure your event achieves its intended impact, unlike other companies that may overlook this critical process.

The Design & Production Phase

Building on the foundation of strategic planning, the design and production phase is the next critical step in the event planning process.

Strategy and design coexist to ensure a seamless, impactful experience for your attendees. In this phase, our expert team translates the event strategy into a live or virtual experience that aligns with your organization and brand.

As an award-winning experiential event agency, The Special Event Company excels in creating unique and engaging experiences. Our team goes beyond aesthetics, understanding the crucial role events play in your overall marketing and communications strategy. With this insight, we collaborate to produce memorable and goal-oriented events that drive attendance and achieve your objectives.

Event Concept Development
Event Implementation Phase With The Special Event Company

The Implementation Phase

Moving forward to the event implementation phase, The Special Event Company ensures the successful execution of your meticulously planned event. This stage is where our attention to detail, exceptional organization, and logistical expertise comes into play. From managing event registration and coordinating with vendors to handling unexpected issues, we have you covered.

Our team effectively streamlines communication and organization, ensuring all stakeholders stay informed and engaged throughout the process. With a dedicated event manager, we meticulously coordinate every detail to align with your goals, branding, and vision, ultimately delivering a seamless, memorable experience for your attendees.

The Evaluation Phase

The event evaluation phase is a crucial component of the event planning process, as it allows for reflection and assessment of the event’s overall success. At The Special Event Company, we understand the importance of analyzing each event aspect to identify improvement areas and celebrate achievements.

We collaborate with you to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) during the strategic planning phase, which serve as a basis for evaluating the event’s success. Our team gathers comprehensive data and feedback from attendees, vendors, and other stakeholders to assess the event against these predetermined KPIs.

By conducting thorough event evaluations, we continuously refine our approach and elevate the quality of future events.

Post Event Evaluation Learnings

The Event Planning Process Has Lots Of Moving Parts

Let us show you how our best practices for event planning lead to producing a successful event.