270 Degree Projection Mapping

270 Degree Projection Mapping


Hiring an event planning company for your university’s fundraising campaign can greatly enhance time and resource efficiency. Their expertise in event planning and management streamlines the process, reducing the burden on university staff. Established vendor relationships allow for better negotiation of contracts and favorable rates, while task delegation lets university staff focus on crucial aspects of the campaign. Additionally, the team of event planners at The Special Event Company excels in event strategy and design, risk mitigation, contingency planning and budget management. By partnering with an event planning company such as The Special Event Company, universities can optimize their resources and ensure successful fundraising events while concentrating on other important campaign elements.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Hiring an event planning company can lead to significant time and resource efficiency for a university during a fundraising campaign. Examples of these efficiencies include:

  • Expertise in event planning and management: Event planning companies have specialized knowledge and experience in organizing events, which can streamline the planning process and reduce the time and effort required from university staff.
  • Established vendor relationships: Great event planning companies have strong relationships with local, regional and national vendors such as caterers, venues, rentals and audiovisual providers, ensuring reliable service.
  • Contract review and negotiation: Contracts are an important part of any event, and having your event planning company review and negotiate on your behalf saves you time and secures you favorable rates, keeping the event on budget. 
  • Task delegation: By outsourcing event-related tasks to the event planning company, university staff can focus on other critical aspects of the campaign, such as donor cultivation, campaign communications and strategic planning.
  • Efficient budget management: Event planning companies are skilled at managing event budgets, allocating resources effectively and identifying cost-saving opportunities.
  • Post-event analysis and reporting: Event planning companies can provide valuable insights and data on event performance. This allows the university to evaluate the event’s success and make informed decisions for future campaigns and events.

By hiring an event planning company, a university can optimize its time and resources, ensuring that fundraising events are executed efficiently and effectively while allowing staff to focus on other crucial aspects of the campaign.

Cost Savings of Hiring an Event Planning Company

Hiring an event planning company can save money for a university in several ways, even though it might initially seem like an additional expense. The cost savings mainly stem from the company’s expertise, industry connections, and efficient management. Here are some ways an event planning company can save money for a university:

  • Negotiating better deals with vendors: Event planners have established relationships with caterers, venues, and equipment providers. They can leverage these connections to negotiate better rates, discounts, and favorable contract terms, potentially saving the university significantly.
  • Efficient budget management: Event planning companies have experience managing budgets for various events, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively while identifying cost-saving opportunities. Their expertise can help avoid overspending and keep the event within the allocated budget.
  • Reducing risk and avoiding costly mistakes: Experienced event planners can anticipate and address potential issues before they become expensive problems. Their contingency planning and problem-solving abilities can help the university avoid unexpected costs due to poor planning or lack of foresight.
  • Time and resource savings: By outsourcing event planning and management tasks, university staff can focus on other aspects of the fundraising campaign, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. This can indirectly save money by maximizing internal resources and reducing the need for additional staff.
  • Economies of scale: Event planning companies often have access to bulk pricing and discounts for event-related goods and services. This can result in cost savings for the university as the company can secure better rates due to its purchasing power.
  • Expert guidance on event elements: Event planning companies can advise on cost-effective event elements, such as decor, entertainment, and marketing strategies, that still deliver a high impact. Their experience in the industry allows them to recommend solutions that strike the right balance between cost and effectiveness.

While hiring an event planning company involves an upfront investment, the potential cost savings and efficiencies can offset the expense and contribute to a more successful and cost-effective fundraising campaign.

Event Planning Companies Bring Fresh Perspectives

Hiring an event planning company can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, enhancing fundraising events’ overall experience and impact. Event planners draw from their experience, industry trends, and knowledge of best practices to create unique and engaging events.

Here are some examples of how an event company can improve creative and innovative event concepts:

  • Strategic development: Event planners can help strategize and develop creative and cohesive themes that align with the university’s brand and fundraising campaign goals, making the event memorable and engaging for attendees before, during and after the event.
  • Immersive experiences: Event planning companies can design immersive experiences, such as interactive exhibits or live performances, that engage attendees and create a lasting impression.
  • Innovative event formats: Instead of traditional sit-down dinners or presentations, event planners can suggest alternative formats and interactive experiences encouraging attendee interaction and participation.
  • Unique venues and settings: Event planners can identify and secure unconventional venues or settings that complement the event theme and create a distinctive ambiance, such as historical buildings, outdoor spaces, or unusual locations.
  • Attention to detail: Event planning companies can enhance the event experience with creative touches, such as personalized invitations, custom decorations that also are event keepsakes for attendees, and themed food and beverage offerings, which showcase attention to detail and elevate the overall experience.
  • Tech integration: Event planners can incorporate the latest technology, such as virtual or augmented reality, live streaming or projection mapping to create a modern and innovative event experience that resonates with attendees.
  • Customized entertainment: Event planning companies can source and coordinate unique entertainment options, such as live music, performances, or guest speakers, tailored to the event’s theme and audience preferences.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly events: Event planners can recommend innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of an event, such as using eco-friendly materials, promoting zero-waste practices, or incorporating locally sourced food and beverages.

By leveraging the expertise of an event planning company, a university can create impactful and innovative fundraising events that stand out, engage attendees, and contribute to the overall success of the campaign.

Academic Event Reception

Academic Event Reception

Leveraging the Strategic Planning Capabilities of an Event Planning Company

An event planning company’s strategic planning capabilities can greatly benefit a university’s fundraising campaign. Their experience and knowledge enable them to develop and execute events that align with the institution’s goals, maximize engagement, and optimize resources. Here are some ways in which an event planning company’s strategic planning can be advantageous:

  • Goal alignment: Event planners work closely with the university to understand the fundraising campaign’s objectives and ensure that the events are designed to support those goals. This strategic alignment helps create a cohesive campaign and improves the likelihood of success.
  • Audience targeting: Event planning companies can help identify and target the right audience segments, such as alumni, parents, or community members, to maximize donor engagement and fundraising potential. They can also suggest event formats and experiences that resonate with the target audience.
  • Resource optimization: Event planners can develop strategies to optimize the use of resources, such as budget, time, vendors and personnel. Their expertise in managing logistics, coordinating vendors, and handling event-related tasks can lead to more efficient processes and cost savings.
  • Measurement and evaluation: Event planners can help establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to assess the success of the events and the overall fundraising campaign. The university can make data-driven decisions and adjustments for future campaigns by measuring event outcomes and evaluating their impact.
  • Risk mitigation and contingency planning: By hiring an event planning company that has the expertise to anticipate potential challenges and develop contingency plans to address them ensures that your events run smoothly and minimizes the likelihood of unforeseen setbacks.
  • Long-term relationship building: By working strategically with an event planning company, a university can develop a long-term partnership that fosters continuous improvement and innovation in event planning and execution. This ongoing collaboration can contribute to the overall success of future fundraising campaigns.

By leveraging the strategic planning capabilities of an event planning company, a university can create and execute fundraising events that align with its goals, engage donors, and optimize resources, ultimately contributing to the success and longevity of the institution’s fundraising efforts.

Why Hire The Special Event Company?

In addition to the advantages listed above, The Special Event Company stands out as the optimal choice for an academic event planning company as they’ve been producing academic events since 1999 when they were contracted to produce the Donors’ ‘Spring Sabbatical’ in London for the Campaign for Duke (University). 

Not only do they have decades of experience in academic events, but in 2006, The Special Event Company formed the AEP (Academic Event Professional) Conference, a conference for academic event professionals by academic event professionals. The conference, in its 17th year, is led by active committee members from many academic institutions across the US and focuses on topics unique to higher education events and helps to share – and create – best practices for the field. 

As a woman-owned company, its reputation for excellence is built on a proven track record of delivering award-winning academic programs domestically and globally. They differentiate themselves within the event planning industry with their commitment to risk mitigation and creative approach to strategy and design.

Their event planners are well-versed in anticipating and addressing potential event challenges, ensuring that there are well thought out plans in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone in attendance; and ultimately the institution’s reputation. Strategic planning drives all design decisions, encompassing communication strategy, budget, emerging trends and design goals.

With an in-house creative and technical services team, there’s no need to hire multiple companies to execute your event or the pre and post-event communications. From live and virtual events to creative and technical services and video production, The Special Event Company will have you covered – all under one roof!

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